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In Morocco, Meghan Markle lends itself to the tradition of henna on the hands

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Since Saturday, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are in Morocco for an official three day trip. Passing through the small village of Asni, south of Marrakech, the Duchess of Sussex lent herself to the traditional henna ritual.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently in Morocco for an official three-day trip. The princely couple began their first visit yesterday in the city of Asni, at the foot of the Atlas, to meet the members of the NGO Education For All. This Moroccan organization’s mission is to build boarding schools and provide access to secondary education for all girls aged 12 to 18 living in rural areas. After having greeted all the women beneficiaries of this project, the Duchess of Sussex joined two of them to have her hands tattooed with henna. As Rebecca English, columnist for the Daily Mail, says, the 37-year-old mother-to-be has a floral tattoo on her left hand, celebrating her pregnancy and her unborn baby. According to the beliefs, henna protects the mother and her future child from evil spirits.

The duchess speaks French

Since yesterday, a video of the duchess speaking in French to the girls of the boarding school is the tour of the Web. While she is chatting with two Moroccan students about their future career ambitions, Meghan Markle asks them naturally: ‘And you, what do you want to be?’ Of course, these few words did not fail to arouse the admiration of users. Last December, the Daily Mail revealed that the former American actress had made the decision to improve her French for her official travels. ‘Meghan studied French for six years and also learned Spanish in Madrid and during an internship at the American Embassy in Argentina’, wrote our British colleagues at the time. A multilingual duchess who will never stop impressing us!

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